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Livalis Facts

Is your free bottle offer really free?

Yes, our free bottle offer gives you a full 30 day supply of Livalis to try at no charge to you. We only ask that you pay the shipping and handling charge of $9.95.

How do I take Livalis?

Livalis is taken daily and has a cumulative effect. It is designed to give lasting results so you are always ready. Take with 8 oz. of water to help improve delivery and speed sexual performance, erection quality and libido.

How confident can I be that Livalis will work for me?

Be very confident that Livalis will work for you. It contains one of the most potent and comprehensive natural formulations for male enhancement available. The ingredients in Livalis have been used traditionally to help improve male potency and are often used for those experiencing erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

Will Livalis make my penis bigger?

Yes, The ingredients in Livalis work to improve blood flow which in turn can make your erections harder and fuller by maximizing the two tubular chambers in the penis. An increase in blood flow can lead to an increase is size and girth. While no formula can change the structure of the penis, Livalis can help to expand the penis to it’s maximum potential.

How is Livalis different from other natural male enhancement formulas?

We know of no other male enhancement formula available that’s more comprehensive or more potent than Livalis. In other words, the difference can be found in the ingredients list. Livalis has many natural compounds not usually found in other natural male sexual health formulas and provides high potencies of key nutrients. Most formulations of this type list a half dozen or so ingredients while Livalis delivers 19 compounds, all associated with male sexual health and stamina. Furthermore, ingredients were chosen to be synergistic, that is, they work together so that the overall effective is greater than the sum of the parts.

Is Livalis a safe product?

There are no drugs in Livalis and all the ingredients have been used extensively in traditional and commercial formulations. There is a possibility, as with any supplement, that a sensitive individual may have an adverse reaction. If you have any reaction you should discontinue using Livalis and consult a medical professional immediately.

Is Livalis approved by the FDA?

Livalis is considered a dietary supplement according to the FDA. All supplements are required by government regulations to follow specific labeling and manufacturing procedures, and Livalis is in full compliance with all appropriate FDA regulations.

Do I need a prescription to take Livalis?

There are no drugs in Livalis, only natural ingredients that have a very long history or safe use by most people, therefore there is no prescription needed for Livalis. There are no known long term dangers associated with any of the ingredients in Livalis and all of the ingredients are extracted from natural sources.

Does Livalis contain any yohimbe?

Yohimbe has had bad reports because of negative effects in certain people and, as a stimulant, is not recommended for evening use. Many male enhancement formulations rely heavily on yohimbe for extra stimulation; Livalis is formulated stimulant free with no yohimbe.